Living in India

10 Things I’ve Learned from 10 Years Living in India

As I approach 10 years of living in India, I’ve been reflecting on my journey and what it’s entailed. Starting off in Kolkata and ending in Mumbai, it’s been a roller coaster of extraordinary experiences, discovery and self-discovery, frustration, transformation, and ultimately success. Here are some of the important things I’ve learned along the way.

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Does Living in India Turn You Into a Bad Person?

Living in India definitely has its ups and downs — extreme ups and downs that it’s difficult to imagine unless you’ve gone through it yourself. I refer to it as the roller coaster. In some ways, living in India has been wonderful for me. It’s made me less of a control freak, and more easy going and adaptable. It’s taught me to develop boundaries with people, and be more assertive. It’s broadened my perspective on so many things, including life and spirituality. It’s opened me up to so many new experiences. In short, it’s added a new dimension to my personality.

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