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    "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." ~ Douglas Adams.

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Once an accountant, now an author. I took a leap of faith and reinvented my life. It led me to India, where I’ve been living the dream and writing about India travel since 2005. Photography helps me see the world in a different way. And, India has provided the backdrop for me to see beauty in things that aren’t classically so.

“Travel turns the world into an unparalleled stage for exploring, experiencing and expanding. You can join in the performances or be a conscious observer.” ~ Sharell Cook.


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Australians in India: Australia Unlimited Interview Series

Recently, I was asked by the Australian government to participate in Australia Unlimited’s new Australia Day interview series, highlighting Australians […]

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How Doing a TEDx Talk Taught Me I Don't Have to be Perfect

There’s a good reason why I became a writer and not an actor. Although I can be deceptively outgoing and […]

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Gond and Baiga: A Tale of Two Tribes in Madhya Pradesh

The ancient Baiga and Gond tribes, who traditionally dwelled in forests in central India, coexist together. However, their villages tell different stories of their prosperity.

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